24 April 2017

Gondolier Stripes

If I ever get to know a gondolier on a personal level, I hope he/she will let me admire the multitude of stripes in his/her wardrobe. I come to Venezia to see the fashion show of blues and reds that travel through the waterways. I see styles that would be suitable additions to my collection worn on the rowers that pass. A top with lines is an element of my everyday uniform, and there is no such thing as owning too many.
 photo 430089f5-a2c0-4956-8caa-6b6a3c5660e9_zpsfqzejxcn.jpg

23 April 2017

An Afternoon on the Grand Canal

Towering lines of row houses border the narrow streets. Sensing the way to the Grand Canal, we wind our way through the passages. When I see the teal water ahead, I quicken my steps in the direction of the wooden dock. I wear a striped tee shirt over a black A-line dress, the blue lines echoing the aesthetic of a gondolier’s uniform. I sit at the end of the dock, my navy canvas shoes skimming the water. A.C. catches up and replicates my sitting position. The boats on the canal rumble south toward the open lagoon. A driver docks his red vehicle at our feet. We offer to watch his prized possession until his return. He agrees with a laugh and a wide smile leaving the keys in the ignition. The Venetian dashes off in his sunglasses. When he returns ten minutes later, he hops into his sleek boat with the agility of a runner leaping over hurdles. We watch him merge into the line of traffic on the clear water and wonder if an American drivers license is sufficient to rent a boat in Venezia.
 photo 9ecc70a8-71ad-4ac8-b77a-d6728ba8859f_zpsr9ougzbn.jpg

13 April 2017

Penn in April

The warmest weather of the year arrived on Penn’s campus this week. Many young women misinterpreted this occurrence as a sign to materialize their distastefully-short, summer shorts from the depths of their wardrobes. Benjamin Franklin did not bless the University with sand and a large body of water. Therefore, beach-related attire, including flip-flops, should not be worn on Locust Walk. May I suggest dresses of reasonable lengths as a far superior option? They are effortless and especially minimal when worn in the sun without a jacket or cardigan. 

Penn Summer


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