27 September 2016

Spanish, My Second Language

Five years of studying Spanish in the classroom has laid my foundation for conversing with native speakers. The act of employing Spanish in real life is liberating; the pressures of upcoming exams are lifted. To be successful, I merely exert an honest effort. If I forget the name of a noun, I describe the person, place, or thing. If I am unable to conjugate a verb in the correct tense, I opt for the present. The goal of attempting a foreign language is to be understood. The skill of conveying a message in a language other than my native speech broadens my borders. I partake in all aspects of daily life in cities where Spanish is spoken without assistance from a translator.
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Passes for the Subte, Buenos Aires

23 September 2016

Paid Time Away

If you are fortunate enough to be given paid time off from work, especially in the U.S., it is essential to your wellbeing that you utilize this luxury. It is ignorant to take pride in passing up days away. Refusing to accept offered time is wasteful. In many cases, vacation days cease to accrue after a specified amount has accumulated. You can attempt to provide exceptional excuses as to why you need to work every business day of the year. Unless you are a professor who summers all summer, it will be difficult to build a credible argument. If you die of exhaustion, your company and coworkers will have to find a way to carry on in your absence. They might as well learn to survive while you are traveling in a plane as opposed to a hearse.
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20 September 2016

Selecting Wine at Berry Bros. & Rudd

Shopping for wine is an educational field trip. It is an opportunity to engage experts in the field. An endless variety of wine is produced around the world. Consequently, the wine master offers an unlimited scope of knowledge. Berry Bros. & Rudd, located at 3 St. James’s Street, is one of my favorite shops. The lessons I received upon my entrance into the 318-year-old business are based in history and fueled by passion. 
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