13 March 2014

Tulip Tendencies

"A tulip doesn’t strive to impress anyone. It doesn’t struggle to be different than a rose. It doesn’t have to. It is different," says Marianne Williamson. Each petal is one of several layers that unite to form the tulip's elegant shape, which is supported by an equally poised posture of a stem. The tulip closes at night as an act of self-preservation. Sleep is the ingredient to her perennial finesse.
 photo f633011d-535c-4a25-9129-16c82154357a_zps3d800cdd.jpg

11 March 2014

Signature Script

The Digital Age does not depreciate the importance of honing a signature script. If the time you spent in middle school perfecting typed words per minute surpassed time spent swirling lines in cursive, you may need to practice your penmanship. When your letters become recognizable to others, gain confidence. With repetition, your writing will appear to be the product of a confident hand and individual in nature. 
 photo 2c2ca927-e73e-43af-bce1-df979fc37a7a_zpsa4956517.jpg
Postcards from 1904 and 1912 - Origin: United Kingdom


09 March 2014

Flower Market Sunday

Walking into the sea of flowers on Columbia Road is rejuvenating. The garden scent and camaraderie of the calm crowd breaks any stress I may have brought with me. Selecting flowers for the flat on Sunday ensures that I awake in a dreamlike state on Monday morning.  
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