27 March 2017

Particular Pen, Part II

When the production of the Triumph 537R Roller Ball (.5mm) pen was halted, I was unamused. 
Dear BIC, 
I refuse to accept the new and "improved" retractable version of my favorite writing instrument. The ink refills you so kindly provided do not appease me. The barrel of the Triumph model cracks with wear rendering the replacement cartridges useless. 
I began my search again for the perfect pen at JetPens.com deciding on the uni-ball Vision Elite in .5mm and .8mm tips. The pen with the finer point skipped while in motion proving itself incapable of fulfilling its prime purpose. The pen with the bolder point conducted itself beautifully, and I highly recommend it in a blue-black shade of ink. I have declared it the pen of the moment.
 photo 3bb081f5-35c2-4ca2-b212-018ab5aeea32_zpsqtevcmie.jpg

24 March 2017

Poppy-Colored Polish

As the pharmacy fills with families gathering weekend essentials, I seek solace in the midst of the nail polish displays. I evaluate my current mood and select a shade to match. The busy work-week seemed especially long, and today, Friday, is an opportunity to celebrate my survival. The snow is melting on account of the recently-reinstated sunshine. All of my responsibilities for the week were fulfilled. I briefly entertain the idea of skipping home. The red-orange shade of poppies personifies my intense excitement for the onset of the weekend, and that is the color I choose. My husband says that I should not feel pressured to paint my nails since our calendar does not contain any impending social obligations; no one will see them. I tell him that a woman who makes time for her nails makes time for herself; the color is for my own enjoyment, solely for me.
 photo 11880d15-84d6-41e5-b100-70a36689180b_zpspjr7vryo.jpg

22 March 2017

Lettering with Lettermate

Every letter I write by hand receives a handwritten envelope to match. Employing the Lettermate, I pen the recipient’s name and address in straight lines. I imagine my contact will be semi-impressed with the precise alignment of the text. Charmed by the guide's sensibleness, I refuse to prepare outgoing mail without it. Before depositing the stamped envelope into the post box, I admire its uniform lettering. In this moment, I part with something beautiful that I have made for someone else. This is the essence of giving, and I vow to do more of it.  
 photo 51c24ad4-9738-4cd6-970b-9e69ea6225c7_zpswggngnik.jpg


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