24 October 2014

Particular Pen

The conversation turned to the topic of our favorite writing utensils. I proudly materialized the BIC Triumph 537R Roller Ball (Extra Fine Point) from my purse. We passed our pens around the pub table, applying ink to a spare piece of paper. No girl could persuade the others of the superiority of her particular pen. The owners breathed sighs of relief when their precious property concluded its turn around the wooden surface. We tucked our pens into our purses, and I thought how fortunate I was to find myself in the presence of women who took offense to the ballpoint.
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23 October 2014

Good Night Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square after hours is one of the most glamorous locations in which to gather with friends. Dominated by the pillared facade of the National Gallery, the square bathes in the soft glow of surrounding lamps at nightfall. The inviting ambience draws my companions and me to our designated area of Charles Barry's space. Our cup of cheer becomes so full we spill into one (or several) of the pubs in proximity. Grasping the stems of our wine glasses, we find several things to toast in true English style. This display of comradeship tides us over until next week's assembly in the square.
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21 October 2014

Paying Homage

I am indebted to the creative, bold, deceased men and women who have left their marks on this world. There is much I would like to discuss with the inspiring Jane Austen. If confronted with a vision of her being, surely my eyes would fall first upon her intricate Regency curls. Having wished the woman in Cassandra Austen's watercolor to life, I would be astounded by her human qualities. A second would pass at the speed of an hour in my survey of the writer.

I am momentously brought back to the present, the nave of Winchester Cathedral. I lift my hand from the stone bearing her epitaph, aspiring to possess a mere quarter of the author's ability to arrest an audience with the written word.
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