Don't think me Australian. I am East Coast born and bred.

It was during my first experience abroad that I became conscious of the authority of classic style. On my 2004 grand tour of Australia, I was responsible for managing my budget, while personally facing issues such as how to dress comfortably but stylishly for consecutive 2 hour, 5 hour and 14 hour flights. What to wear for dinner outside of America and how to look presentable while meeting elected officials also became frequently addressed subjects.

Staples such as the black skirt, white button up, khaki trouser, blue tee and gray jumper enabled me to participate fully in the adventure Australia had to offer. I plunged into the gorgeous Great Barrier Reef, wearing a blue polka dotted bathing suit. The experience felt a little like being washed in an inspirational well of glitter and emerging with a new sense of awareness. Never had I seen a blue wonder more visually inspiring.

Timeless style equips me for all of life's fascinating occurrences. No matter where I travel, my personal style is resolute. While I do embrace color, I do not think highly of trends. - Megan J. Cuadrado


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