15 May 2017

Trattoria Napoleone

Opening the pistachio-green doors of Trattoria Napoleone, we enter the warmly-lit foyer. Our waiter, an old friend, leads us to the dining room at the back of the restaurant. My husband and I take our seats, wooden and upholstered in mink-colored velvet, at the Blackwood table. The most enchanting setting for two boarders an enclosed space with glass doors and windows. The vines inside the quaint greenhouse climb a white trellis bearing strings of white lights. We are the first of Napoleone's guests to arrive for the final meal of the day. As we consult the large-format menus, opulent gifts of Italian bread and wine are bestowed upon us. We are not in any hurry and have plenty of time to decide what new dishes to savor.

Trattoria Napoleone


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