07 March 2017

The Flower Fund

I am entitled to flowers year-round but especially at the onset of spring. The decline of winter, evident in the rising temperature and lengthened hours of sunlight, is a time of renewal. I celebrate my survival of the year’s coldest months by replenishing the household flower fund. The budget sustains my weekly expeditions to tulip distributors, from which I acquire a sufficient quantity of my favorite flower to brighten the property's most-utilized spaces. My efforts ensure the presence of color and scent wherever I am present. Spring will not officially begin for another two weeks, but I pretend the new season is already upon us. I overlook threats of snow and focus on horticultural endeavors throughout the house.
 photo ac912f18-a6f9-4193-9dbb-257daa89f73d_zpsa4i2rzez.jpg

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