04 March 2017

The Traveling Library

I am always in the company of something to read. My ever-expanding home library is the nucleus from which my satellite collections spring. I keep a small selection of books piled on my desk and nestled in drawers at work to consult during lunch hours. If a colleague forgets his book at home, he is welcome to borrow one from my store. When I go abroad, my collection travels too. The number of books I bring depends on the duration of my trip. If I am going away for less than a month, two is the maximum quantity of books (not including notebooks) that I will allow myself to pack. My rationale: the book I am currently reading and one to follow is plenty of material to devour on a short excursion. If I plan to be away for more than one month, my book allowance increases by two. I bring one of my favorite books to christen the new residence and a book related to my destination city. I acquaint myself with my new location by surveying the local bookshops. Naturally, I acquire souvenirs from each.
The Traveling Library


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