11 March 2017

Capitalizing on Personal Time

I accomplish my personal goals by establishing what they are and fitting them into the time that I have. My free hours are extremely valuable. When I am not engaged in tasks related to my primary job, I dictate my own schedule. All of the items on my to-do list of endeavors cannot be undertaken at once. Thus, I prioritize and reprioritize my activities on a daily basis. One day my primary goal could be finishing the assigned reading for English class. The next day my focus could be walking around Penn's campus in the unseasonably warm weather. The following day could be devoted to taking photographs for this blog. By rotating my pursuits, I allow for the many things I deem important. 

"If you are working a full-time job, so 40 hours a week, sleeping eight hours a night, so 56 hours a week — that leaves 72 hours for other things," time management expert Laura Vanderkam concludes of our 168 hour week. "You say you're working 50 hours a week, maybe a main job and a side hustle. Well, that leaves 62 hours for other things. You say you're working 60 hours. Well, that leaves 52 hours for other things...We don't even need that much time to do amazing things."

Instead of squandering my time, I seek to maximize it. I view technological inventions such as the internet, television, and smartphone as black holes into which lifetimes disappear. I limit my interactions with these devices, alternatively connecting to the delights of real life. As long as I make myself a priority, I have time to live. 

I am Very Busy
Essentials for Being Essentially Busy

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