30 January 2017

The Gift of Wine

The joy of receiving wine begins with the giver's endearing presentation. I, the honored recipient, display the deep-green bottle of La Marca Prosecco on the hardwood floor next to the towering bookcase. The base of the bottle is ringed like the lower torus of an architectural column. The vibrant, coastal-blue label reminds me of unclouded skies over Italy. I carefully choose the moment, a night void of plans, in which to pour the wine. I pop the cork, and the trip begins.

My husband accompanies me to the years 1953, and we relive the champagne scene from Roman Holiday. We take our places in wooden, low-back Windsor chairs at G. Rocca Café in the Piazza della Rotonda. The coolness of the awning’s shade is juxtaposed with the warm spring air. The square is bustling with pedestrians, bicycles, and horse-drawn carriages.  The gift of prosecco materializes again, this time in the hands of a waiter. A. and I raise a toast to his favorite country and the giver who has generously funded this trip. 
 photo 4b8f70c2-7bff-49f1-a22e-26121b6e4cfb_zps3sal0gn5.jpg

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