17 January 2017

Penn Winter Walks

It is easy to make excuses to stay at my desk. There is always another email to send, another phone call to make, and another piece of writing to revise. But in the spirit of the new year, I have been making an honest effort to leave the confines of the office for at least an hour a day. Man was not designed to lead a sedentary life. I find a brisk walk around Penn's campus refreshing in winter. The combination of the cool air and my rising body heat strike up the ideal temperate inside my navy coat. I approach College Hall, and the mesmerizing blanket of snow freezes me in that moment. The pedestrian traffic moves along the paths, but I do not take much notice. The rush to classes has ended, and the atmosphere is tranquil. The Gothic building looks even more forbidden. 
 photo 7cb8183c-bbf2-47a9-aa82-2f3f8c9cac64_zpsqgyw7hpl.jpg
College Hall

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