13 January 2017

Sunrise in PHL

I think fondly of Philadelphia when I see it in the distance, or from the sky, or on the screen. I would not go so far as to say that I admire the city as a whole. For most of my life, I considered it an unsavory place in which to live. In the past year, my barometer may have moved slightly away from this extreme mark of disapproval. University City has distracted me from my standard set of complaints about the former capital of the United States. I am a New Yorker and a Londoner at heart. Thus, Philadelphia, despite being the City of Brotherly Love, does not stand a chance in competing for my affection. I am not interested in knowing my neighbor unless we have been introduced, and I only have one brother (a brother is a sibling, not a random person you see in passing). But at every sunrise, I forget the city's unpleasant characteristics, like its violence and lack of diversity. The view is hypnotic, and I see PHL in a positive light as if I were in a dream.
 photo 2d1bc0a7-2d3f-472f-be90-fe22d17b66eb_zpskgr5oham.jpg

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