19 December 2016

Viewing Vidigal

The favela of Vidigal sits at the base of Morro Dois Irmãos. While the term "favela" brings to mind characteristics of a slum, we perceive the neighborhood as pacified. Residents maintain daily routines without threats of violence or drug lords. Unlike most of the dwellings in the two hills, the houses along our Estrada do Vidigal are appropriately spaced and a short distance to the beach on foot. The majority of residences in Vidigal are located higher up the rock formation, inconvenient to the water's edge. We imagine ourselves traversing a mountain of steps and dipping roads with books and other items purchased outside of the favela. We do not foresee the feat being successful without the assistance of a motorcycle taxi. Nevertheless, we would probably carry one item up the hill at a time in the name of self-sufficiency. 
 photo 7b0b2313-b23a-41ee-8a65-40fb45adf869_zpsekgrxozw.jpg
The View of Vidigal from the Sheraton Leblon

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