14 November 2016

Seeing Praça da Sé

We enjoy the view of Praça da Sé from the top of the steps of Catedral da Sé. The park, formerly named Largo da Sé, is the center of São Paulo. The palm trees lining the promenade provide shade from the sun. In the borough of Sé, history collides with the urban characteristics of the metropolis. Pátio do Colégio, the site of the city's founding, is a six-minute walk to the north. Walking to the extensive Mercado Municipal would require a mere fifteen minutes more. The square is notable, not only for its existence during the colonial period, but also for its role in Brazil's recent history. Several demonstrations of the Diretas Já movement, which called for direct presidential elections, occurred here in 1984. Consequently, a new Federal Constitution was adopted in 1988. The following year, the first direct presidential election since 1960 was realized.
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