10 November 2016

Around the Monumento à Independência do Brasil

A.L. left the three of us standing at the Monumento à Independência do Brasil while he retrieved the car. The spring weather in São Paulo varies between an oven and an ice box. On the day of our visit to the Parque da Independência, the heat veered into cooking an egg on the sidewalk territory. M.L., A.C., and I took a turn around the monument. As A.C. and I  rounded the western side, a Paulista began speaking to us in Portuguese. M.L., the only Brazilian in our current party of three was somewhere in the vicinity but out of earshot. We answered the friendly stranger with smiles. M.L. entered the scene as a translator. The conversation addressed the topic of the heat. I found the stranger’s assumption that A.C. and I were Brazilian to be fascinating.  The country is diverse and we fit right in.
 photo 2e301537-aced-4626-b956-a29ef3a75405_zpsweullomr.jpg

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