31 October 2016

Chocolate and Chandon at Voulez Bar

Dinner ends but the night continues at Voulez Bar. The intersection of República Arabe Siria and Boulevard Cerviño is lively with porteños enjoying themselves on the pavements of Palermo. We adore the waiters' sense of humor and the French flair of the dimly-lit bar. The linear, symmetrical stained glass of the windows, the white, wrought iron railings, and the sleek silverware convey a sensible combination of history and modernity. We order a chocolate volcano with fruit and ice cream. I ask if credit card is an accepted form of payment. To my dismay, Voulez Bar is a cash only establishment, and I shudder at the thought of having to leave prematurely. A.C. reassures me that we have enough cash. The waiter pops a bottle of Chandon and pours two glasses. The bubbles rise and I feel completely at home in Buenos Aires.
Chandon at Voulez Bar

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