27 September 2016

Spanish, My Second Language

Five years of studying Spanish in the classroom has laid my foundation for conversing with native speakers. The act of employing Spanish in real life is liberating; the pressures of upcoming exams are lifted. To be successful, I merely exert an honest effort. If I forget the name of a noun, I describe the person, place, or thing. If I am unable to conjugate a verb in the correct tense, I opt for the present. The goal of attempting a foreign language is to be understood. The skill of conveying a message in a language other than my native speech broadens my borders. I partake in all aspects of daily life in cities where Spanish is spoken without assistance from a translator.
 photo fe71ee04-dbe6-47b3-867c-efe5955cdbce_zpss2wxiur8.jpg
Passes for the Subte, Buenos Aires

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