13 September 2016

Parade on Piccadilly

Instead of going to the gym, I opt for long walks through London. From my starting gate along Bayswater Road, there are many directions up for consideration. My path most traveled is southeast through Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park to the Corner. Once I surface from the pedestrian underpass, I find myself on Piccadilly. Even after repeatedly following this course, I am invigorated each time I reach the top of the staircase. Being a bit claustrophobic, I am relieved that I managed to get through the passage safely. I find the sites accessed in the vicinity of Piccadilly majestic and thrilling to behold. I continue west in the direction of The Ritz, St. James’s, and Buckingham.
 photo f2dfc5d7-99dc-43dc-95c9-ad72bf9967cb_zpsvnoppikc.jpg

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