29 September 2016

Eva en la Casa Rosada

I imagine Eva Perón was born with dreams and the drive to pursue them. Although her life was short, she made significant strides in her agenda to combat social injustice and to popularize the Peronist party. She was poised, hardworking, intelligent, and eloquent, qualities befitting her station of first lady. Eva was 26 years old when her husband Juan Perón, whom she had married the previous year (1945), accepted the Argentinian presidency. The fierceness she exhibited in her efforts of financially assisting the working class defined her residency at the Casa Rosada. In her 33 years of life, Evita inspired more Argentinians than there were flowers at her state funeral. I traveled to the site of the balcony where she conducted her moving speeches. I stood in the presence of greatness, and her energy lingered in the air as if she had just passed through the open door. 
 photo 7adf9211-784e-4bcb-93a5-9d0b43d98306_zpszribhia2.jpg

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