09 August 2016

The Essence of the Sun Hat

My ongoing quest to find the perfect sun hat has finally come to an end.  I have been reaping the benefits of this understated accessory for one month's time, and I wonder how I survived previous summers without it. The sun hat is portable shade, eliminating the need for sunglasses. If the sun hat is selected correctly, with a bit of old-fashioned taste, elegance will arrest the wearer. My philosophy: The wider the brim, the better. A wide brim creates a radius of personal space around the head. This may shield women from meddlesome strangers who are ignorant of silence as a virtue and shroud her in mystery.   
 photo 9fdc281b-49f6-4bfb-b008-7c23699e9669_zpsrjv5lpbr.jpg

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