16 August 2016

The Basics of Brunch

No one does brunch like ​my fellow Americans. It is a weekend tradition. A host should never call "[your name here], party of one" into a crowd of waiting diners. As the term denotes a combination of breakfast and lunch, the occasion warrants a mixture of people.  If you are in the company of at least one person you love on a Saturday or Sunday morning, consider yourself good to go. 

You will never find me making brunch, unless I embark on a culinary career. This affair must take place in a restaurant or if at home, it must be catered. There are 104 weekend days in a year, which means there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy life this way. A woman should never run short of restaurants at which to brunch, no matter what American city she wakes up in.

 photo 85d1c97a-1e2a-4e01-b030-c2c8729b4791_zps5mfps2me.jpg

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