18 August 2016

Summer Central Park

Tourists and residents of New York City collide in Central Park. This enchanting green space seems to expand its boundaries to accommodate over 25 million visitors a year. Here, I can withdraw into myself in a way I cannot on the hurried streets or on the subway. I revel in my personal space, letting my thoughts fall where they may. While I may tire from a lengthy walk, the act of wandering in the park does not exhaust. Gazing at the ceiling of the Bethesda Terrace Arcade, taking in air from atop Belvedere Castle, and befriending ducks at The Pond plummet me into a pool of good spirits. I am inclined to drink. 
 photo bc553af9-55c3-496f-9482-6e5f6f1af68f_zpsrzagdc3v.jpg

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