30 August 2016

The Library Nook

The most important step in becoming acclimated to a newfound library is discovering an area of your own. A bond will emerge when you meet your favorite seat for the first time. You will be despondent when others take up residence in your territory. But your heart will swell with pride and relief on the occasions you swing your cardigan over the chair's back. A desk hidden away in the stacks, alcoves, or corners is prime real estate. Lamplight merging with dimness and the smell of wood and old books are favorable conditions for readers/writers. Thus, competing for your favorite nook is a battle on an intellectual level. photo cdd82527-28bf-4a68-8059-04bd20590534_zpszt8x8dfj.jpg
The Library of Frank Furness, University of Pennsylvania


25 August 2016

A Multitude of Multiples

Occasionally an article of clothing arises that I must have. Acquiring this exceptional item becomes my primary concern the moment it is available for purchase. This has been the case with the J.Crew Ruffle-sleeve Top. It is my favorite shirt of all time. I own the striped versions, one in black vintage champagne and two in undyed navy. When solid colors navy and pale lilac appeared for Fall 2016, I immediately placed my order. The addition of even more varieties would be a notable highlight of my year. I am notorious for purchasing multiples of one piece, oftentimes in the same color. A stylish woman knows her own taste and does not deviate. 

J Crew Ruffle-sleeve Top


23 August 2016

How to Visit a Museum

After years of visiting, studying, and working in art museums in the U.S. and abroad, I have gained insight into the most efficient way to experience sizable sites of historical and cultural significance. I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to guests who speak in hushed tones, refrain from touching the artwork, and are able to follow a map. If you do not conduct yourself in this manner, you should consider adjusting your behavior

A museum is a learning hub and one's demeanor in the presence of such an institution should be scholarly. Do not purchase an admissions ticket without first knowing what the museum's collection entails. Utilize the World Wide Web to research the museum's ticketing policy, history, location, layout, and holdings. Consequently, you will not embarrass yourself by trying to return an admission ticket to an art museum whose mission you assumed was devoted to natural history. 

Once you have secured an admission ticket, the arrival time should be established. As in the case of The Uffizi Gallery, which utilizes a timed ticketing system, this may be set at the moment of purchase. If admission to the museum is generally free, like The National Gallery, or if you are a member, there is less pressure to see every piece of art in one day. Resist this temptation; you will only overexert yourself, wasting time. Ideally, you will be a regular visitor to all of your favorite museums. But if  you can not simply jet abroad on a whim, you will especially like to maximize your museum visit. 

Having served as a docent for five years, I am exceptionally fulfilled by tours and lectures. The guides research tirelessly, often on a volunteer basis, to compose an eloquent exhibition of his/her research findings. This service is not taken advantage of enough. The audio guide is another unsung, heroic, learning resource. It is common for visitors to be dissuaded from pursuing this option due to cost. I say, stop being cheap. It is well worth the price, and the money goes to a good cause. Disclaimer: You may have a look to see if the audio guide is available for free online. In my experience, this has seldom been the case. 

Consider lunch an educational expense. You will be able to enjoy your post-lunch period provided you have actually eaten lunch. You may decide to dine at the museum's restaurant (if the food is edible, and if the establishment exists). If you opt for a restaurant off the premises (these should be researched beforehand), do yourself a favor and stay away from overpriced tourist traps. A successful lunch will provide you with newfound energy to wait your turn in front of the Rosetta Stone, Mona Lisa or other popular object after lunch. While it is a good idea to stay away from crowds if possible, you are entitled, just like anyone else, to spend time in the presence of the most popular pieces.
 photo f92e7374-c8f4-45c7-962c-a311a6053eb0_zps25lm6f6g.jpg
Room from the Hôtel de Cabris, The Met


18 August 2016

Summer Central Park

Tourists and residents of New York City collide in Central Park. This enchanting green space seems to expand its boundaries to accommodate over 25 million visitors a year. Here, I can withdraw into myself in a way I cannot on the hurried streets or on the subway. I revel in my personal space, letting my thoughts fall where they may. While I may tire from a lengthy walk, the act of wandering in the park does not exhaust. Gazing at the ceiling of the Bethesda Terrace Arcade, taking in air from atop Belvedere Castle, and befriending ducks at The Pond plummet me into a pool of good spirits. I am inclined to drink. 
 photo bc553af9-55c3-496f-9482-6e5f6f1af68f_zpsrzagdc3v.jpg

16 August 2016

The Basics of Brunch

No one does brunch like ​my fellow Americans. It is a weekend tradition. A host should never call "[your name here], party of one" into a crowd of waiting diners. As the term denotes a combination of breakfast and lunch, the occasion warrants a mixture of people.  If you are in the company of at least one person you love on a Saturday or Sunday morning, consider yourself good to go. 

You will never find me making brunch, unless I embark on a culinary career. This affair must take place in a restaurant or if at home, it must be catered. There are 104 weekend days in a year, which means there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy life this way. A woman should never run short of restaurants at which to brunch, no matter what American city she wakes up in.

 photo 85d1c97a-1e2a-4e01-b030-c2c8729b4791_zps5mfps2me.jpg

11 August 2016


Eilis Lacey (Satires Ronan) is overcome with homesickness when she moves from Enniscorthy to Brooklyn (in the 2015 film bearing the name of this New York City borough). The absence of her mother and sister overshadow the joys of adventure in the bustling city. With each letter she receives from home, Eilis plunges deeper into a state of longing. The gravity of Ireland’s beckoning gestures pulls at her heartstrings. The irresistible forces keeping her anchored in New York extend far beyond the pavements of financial opportunity. The marriage she shares with Anthony Fiorello (Emory Cohen) exhibits every quality a union of this magnitude should. Happiness is the cause of her newfound radiance. 
Mrs. Anthony Fiorello


09 August 2016

The Essence of the Sun Hat

My ongoing quest to find the perfect sun hat has finally come to an end.  I have been reaping the benefits of this understated accessory for one month's time, and I wonder how I survived previous summers without it. The sun hat is portable shade, eliminating the need for sunglasses. If the sun hat is selected correctly, with a bit of old-fashioned taste, elegance will arrest the wearer. My philosophy: The wider the brim, the better. A wide brim creates a radius of personal space around the head. This may shield women from meddlesome strangers who are ignorant of silence as a virtue and shroud her in mystery.   
 photo 9fdc281b-49f6-4bfb-b008-7c23699e9669_zpsrjv5lpbr.jpg

04 August 2016

Boat and Totes by L.L. Bean

I find it necessary to own at least one L.L. Bean Boat and Tote in every size. As a woman who does not consider sitting at home a way of life, I need Totes of various sizes to accommodate my belongings on a variety of occasions. The small Tote accompanies me around Manhattan quite often. Only a camera and a bottle of water are paramount for adventures on foot around the island. 

The medium Tote has covered more international distance than my Boat and Totes of any other size. It holds all the essentials I can not afford for the airline to loose, as well as any necessary cosmetic related items. Once I disembark and unpack, the medium goes with me in search of sustenance. It has recently traversed Buenos Aires, São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro. 

I prefer the large Tote, in all of its American glory, for daily walks to and from work. It enables me to evenly distribute the weight of lunch, books, and shoes, allowing for the handles to sit comfortably on my shoulder. It is also the most useful companion, besides my husband, when lugging magazines, books, and water to the shoreline.  
 photo c51e7ce7-ce30-4ce7-a822-2c60f0ddd35d_zpslmtxryp0.jpg

02 August 2016

Lifting the Monogram Ban

I imposed a monogram ban in the time between our engagement and wedding. I waited with anticipation for my new last name, which contains a sweet-sounding, Spanish rolling "r." I constantly extended the list of items to be customized with my new initials, but finally resolved to reclaim my sensible nature, and narrowed my options. As marriage is a declaration of love and commitment, monogramming is a means of means of saying "this is mine," or "this is ours," and "I am in this clan." It is also a deterrent against theft.  
Monogram Me



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