16 January 2015

Glasses on the Daily

I have come to revere glasses as an outstanding accessory. My warming to them was a gradual process. Despite my nearsightedness, I only within the past year and a half began to wear glasses on a daily basis. Prior to my dedication to an extra set of eyes, I would loose track of their whereabouts by nightfall. Now I leave them on my face. I do not allow them to fall between sofa cushions, nor do I forget them along my trajectory of daily stops. I do not tuck them into my purse at formal events. They are too extraordinary to hide away. The simple looks I devise complement my spectacles. A small collection of frames is essential to earn a passing mark in the optical department and iconic status.
 photo cc900dd0-ad32-421f-806b-6772d0e7f8a7_zps3892b3c1.jpg

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