06 January 2015

Apartment Warming

I recall my reaction to the first time I ever heard the term house warming. A family member invited us to one of these affairs, and Mommy and I discussed the meaning of the term. Initially, I could not understand what word came after house. When I grasped the meaning of the second word as an act of raising the temperature or welcoming, I became even more perplexed at the phenomenon. 

I still do not understand why one is entitled to home gifts each time one moves. Does this celebration only occur when one purchases a dwelling with the intention of residing there for years? If one moves multiple times in a short span, are several warmings necessary? 

Despite the discrepancy regarding the exact moment this party is to transpire, it remains compulsory to warm one's space upon settlement. Proper cleaning and sentimental decorations enrich a blank space, not the acquisition of excess homewares. Handwritten notes of congratulations to display on the mantel are most meaningful.

One should be in charge of curating the items in one's apartment. This process warrants thought, a Pinterest board, and planning on Polyvore. One should take time to hang the frames, drape the curtains, lay the rugs, and situate the ceramics. The process of personalization is an introverted exercise. One should approach it with a relaxed attitude, an open deadline, and a cup of tea.
The New Apartment

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  1. Love the design of your apartment. It looks so chic! The choice of colors and accessories match well, which I think renters should definitely plan through.



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