27 January 2015

The Trader Joe's Tote

The ecru, canvas tote with navy handles is the ultimate accessory for a stroll through Trader Joe's. Priced at $3.99, one is not enough. I purchased my first bag, now supple and faded, several years ago. We have embarked on many food-related excursions together. The second tote, a recent acquisition, joined the excitement two weeks ago. I take the pair of them on outings to this California-born establishment. Pushing my little, red shopping cart to the sound of ringing bells is a mellowing activity. I complete the task unhurriedly. My time is utilized by hunting for Champs Elysees salad and vanilla yogurt with the help of mates in Hawaiian shirts. Sampling romaine lettuce with sesame sticks and soy ginger vinaigrette is part of my course. At the end of my journey, I invent a reason to return the following day and several others as excuses to return later in the week.
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22 January 2015

The Cease Travel

The rhythm of footsteps and the mumble of voices melded with the clicks of the train ticker. The pulse touched the wanderlust in my soul. I vacated the scene fatigued, having had my fill of activity. The frequency at which I ventured out of state forced me to call a cease travel. I withdrew to my apartment and began my staycation with a heavy sleep.
 photo 6affc9f0-0a75-4d4f-9d86-d613c38cd9f6_zpsf8173f9f.jpg
The Splendor of Grand Central Terminal

16 January 2015

Glasses on the Daily

I have come to revere glasses as an outstanding accessory. My warming to them was a gradual process. Despite my nearsightedness, I only within the past year and a half began to wear glasses on a daily basis. Prior to my dedication to an extra set of eyes, I would loose track of their whereabouts by nightfall. Now I leave them on my face. I do not allow them to fall between sofa cushions, nor do I forget them along my trajectory of daily stops. I do not tuck them into my purse at formal events. They are too extraordinary to hide away. The simple looks I devise complement my spectacles. A small collection of frames is essential to earn a passing mark in the optical department and iconic status.
 photo cc900dd0-ad32-421f-806b-6772d0e7f8a7_zps3892b3c1.jpg

15 January 2015

Spa Hours

A woman needs her uninterrupted, weekly hours at the salon and spa. These places of relaxation could be located at the top of one of New York's grandest hotels or in her own decadent dwelling. Nothing should encroach upon this block of time dedicated to grooming. Her hair, nails, and skin glow after rounds of exfoliation, shampooing, moisturizing, and the application of nail polish. She remains radiant after departing from the soothing glow of the spa's eucalyptus scented candles. Consequently, she begins the week looking and feeling her best. 
 photo 2ae6f6d6-1976-4b76-861f-830168d62f3a_zps9a97f622.jpg
Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa, Union Square

06 January 2015

Apartment Warming

I recall my reaction to the first time I ever heard the term house warming. A family member invited us to one of these affairs, and Mommy and I discussed the meaning of the term. Initially, I could not understand what word came after house. When I grasped the meaning of the second word as an act of raising the temperature or welcoming, I became even more perplexed at the phenomenon. 

I still do not understand why one is entitled to home gifts each time one moves. Does this celebration only occur when one purchases a dwelling with the intention of residing there for years? If one moves multiple times in a short span, are several warmings necessary? 

Despite the discrepancy regarding the exact moment this party is to transpire, it remains compulsory to warm one's space upon settlement. Proper cleaning and sentimental decorations enrich a blank space, not the acquisition of excess homewares. Handwritten notes of congratulations to display on the mantel are most meaningful.

One should be in charge of curating the items in one's apartment. This process warrants thought, a Pinterest board, and planning on Polyvore. One should take time to hang the frames, drape the curtains, lay the rugs, and situate the ceramics. The process of personalization is an introverted exercise. One should approach it with a relaxed attitude, an open deadline, and a cup of tea.
The New Apartment

04 January 2015

Bring the Year

The unpredictable nature of the future can be daunting. I do not know what obstacles will block my path.  If I could foresee the barriers heading in my direction, naturally I would divert to a side road. When an impediment suddenly appears, confrontation becomes evident. I am compelled to proceed through the challenge even if I gather it might kill me. 

Similarly, I can not foresee my upcoming blessings. They are silent in their advance. The most intense moments of joy are those that strike me swiftly through my soul and bring me to my knees. On occasions like these, I am especially grateful to awake every morning in the midst of the unknown. I would not be able to learn from my mistakes, feel joy, or come of age if the forthcoming details of my life were disclosed prematurely.

The thought of the future will not instill fear or anxiety in my heart. I will live ambitiously and full of hope. I will fly as often and as far as I can. I expect you to do the same dear reader. Enjoy 2015.
 photo 0f9515a3-1c75-421d-b0f6-41c632eabfb0_zps22035a30.jpg
Heading East Across the Atlantic


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