08 December 2014

The Good Commute

The New York City Subway was designed to sweep us swiftly around Manhattan. Before joining my fellow commuters underground, I take a moment to compose myself. I expect all seating will be occupied on the approaching train and anticipate standing. There is a possibility that all but one space on the railings will be grasped by New Yorkers en route to work. Personal space is an imaginary concept during the rush hours. Therefore, I must prepare accordingly. I organize the essentials inside my tote, keeping it close to my person. My fully charged iPod takes up residence in the pocket of my navy duffle coat, although I often leave it silent. I keep my speaking to a minimum when the steel doors of the train open. I do not engage in conversation via phone. If I meet a friend while traveling, we keep the volume of our conversation to a whisper. To shatter the silence of the crowded car would be highly inconsiderate. The commute, if executed in a structured manner, is a peaceful component of the daily routine. The astute New Yorker leaves her apartment early in case a rail breakage, fire or signal failure ensue.
 photo aec32d20-809a-46c1-ba14-a5b81fb53485_zpsba2915d5.jpg

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