28 October 2014

The London Year

The most important lesson I have learned in London is that of friendship. It was the encouragement from friends on both sides of the pond that pulled me through a challenging MA program. I am eternally grateful for these concrete bonds built on fundamentals such as trust, consideration, respect, and sincerity. Nonetheless, I have also broken a few ties this year, unapologetically discharging associates unworthy of my time or energy. Some people deserve to be exiled to the part of the past reserved for rubbish. 

The past is not a place to take up residence, but some neighborhoods are pleasant to visit for inspiration, reminiscence, and history dissertations. The present is the place to live. It is a glorious address, like the perimeter of Hyde Park. It is where happiness is made, where dreams are realized, and where I make myself for a cup of tea. The memories I made in this historic city will stay with me, like (according to some) the trace of an English accent. Living in the present now means settling in New York City.
 photo 0d4d9d80-68e4-4ff1-a5b8-2080031e962e_zpsacc4c142.jpg
The view of central London from the grounds of Kenwood House, Hampstead Heath

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