21 October 2014

Paying Homage

I am indebted to the creative, bold, deceased men and women who have left their marks on this world. There is much I would like to discuss with the inspiring Jane Austen. If confronted with a vision of her being, surely my eyes would fall first upon her intricate Regency curls. Having wished the woman in Cassandra Austen's watercolor to life, I would be astounded by her human qualities. A second would pass at the speed of an hour in my survey of the writer.

I am momentously brought back to the present, the nave of Winchester Cathedral. I lift my hand from the stone bearing her epitaph, aspiring to possess a mere quarter of the author's ability to arrest an audience with the written word.
 photo 60802c07-f34f-4a72-a85c-e43f8f286b24_zps89815bd7.jpg


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