14 August 2014

Hasty Hurry

The 390 to Notting Hill Gate operates a red bus with three sets of doors. During peak hours the back set stands open with an attendant on the platform. Oftentimes commuters will ask the unoccupied attendant for directions.

One afternoon, I boarded a westbound bus at Tottenham Court Road. The vehicle came to a pause in traffic on bustling Oxford Street near the Circus. A young woman with a suitcase came to the edge of the pavement and politely asked the attendant for directions. While the two were in conversation, a middle aged woman approached the bus. "Are you going this way?" she screamed. When the attendant remained uninterrupted in his current discussion with the young lady, the middle aged woman repeated her question an octave higher. Only when she received a quick "Yes" did she board the bus. Her hideous manners and outfit to match made me raise a disdainful eyebrow. 

Even if a woman is in a hurry, she does not have the license to be hasty in her interactions with others in the public sphere. A woman without her manners is improperly dressed even if she is wearing a gorgeous ensemble. In order to consider herself a full member of polite society, especially in the United Kingdom, a lady should never misplace them.
 photo 189c198a-d142-4df4-8e72-489d52ed2d69_zpsc57a5422-1.jpg

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