27 June 2014

V&A Day

I bring only the essentials to the V&A: my camera and water. Since admission is free, I make my donation upon entry. Most of my time is spent admiring works by J.M.W. Turner, John ConstableEdwin Henry Landseer and Richard Redgrave. I imagine myself in a Pierre Balmain 50s dress attending a celebration in the Norfolk House Music Room. I am drawn into the sparkle of the jewelry in rooms 91-93. I am pulled onto the stage of Shakespeare in room 104 and to the table for tea in room 52b. I take in the sun's rays in the John Madejski Garden and make a long mental shopping list while browsing in the bookstore. Then I exit onto Cromwell Road and head west in the direction of lunch.
 photo 67bdfbbd-115d-4a6d-a4fe-789c5db95537_zps578b6af3.jpg

19 June 2014

18:30 in Hyde Park

The breeze travels in a steady stream occasionally gaining gusty speed.  I am drawn to the water's edge like the ducks and swans who paddle near the perimeter. The rippling water moves west with the wind towards the prominent grey clouds. The cobwebs on the green iron fence, the leaves of the fan-like ferns, and the branches of the trees sway in obedience. I put on my Bedale over my tee shirt and striped skirt wondering if London will enjoy sun tomorrow.
 photo 3e4fbe0a-d3ee-4fbb-b526-b6b372b07301_zpsf45be45f.jpg

12 June 2014

Tee Rules

The tee shirt is necessary in cold weather layered under sweaters, paramount in warm weather tucked into skirts, and essential any time beneath blazers. My expectations are very basic. White, black, gray, navy, and cream are the only acceptable colors for this cotton staple. Graphics and large logos distract from its simple nature and should not make an appearance. Furthermore, the tee should not be too large, nor too small. One should not appear to be taking a swim in one's shirt, nor give the impression of being sewn into one's clothing like Marilyn. The tee should be replaced when it becomes too dingy or worn with holes, even if it has become one's favorite. 
Tees, Skirts, and Plimsolls

10 June 2014

Sentimental Tote

London is filled to the brim with sights of historical and cultural significance. I am in love as I drift through museums, galleries, theaters, palaces, libraries, and bookshops. My acquisition of an institution's canvas tote is a sign that I am smitten and a constant memento to mentally bring me back within its walls when we are apart. 
 photo 6da1e5f2-ccdd-4eba-bc49-2dc298b3abfa_zps74f645c6.jpg

04 June 2014

The Drawing Room

I observe that the middle panes align with the garden arches and fountain. I sit on the burgundy leather sofa and begin to sketch. Having only outlined the window on my paper, the work catches the conspicuous eyes of its first viewer. With a craned neck, he sees the lack of advancement and straightens himself. He expresses his apologies for looking, compliments the drawing despite its premature stage, and hastily exits the scene. The drawing progresses with the day as curious visitors come and go from the room.
 photo 1159fa3f-c373-4c87-b2af-fa290e11ed91_zps3afc7121.jpg


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