28 May 2014

Unpretentiously Tea

The absence of a bone china set does not deter me from tea time. It is policy to tuck a Twinings tea bag into my purse before leaving the house. I find this convenience irresistible. Hot water is easily accessible due to the status of the kettle as an English staple. A hot cup of happiness, which is paramount to any genuine break, may be easier to come by than a retreat in which to enjoy it. In the event I am unable to locate an escape place, my imagination quickly works to fashion one.
 photo 2b8ca50c-a549-41c7-8db9-e0c5a107a09d_zps9cffe1a6.jpg

20 May 2014

Days at Daunt Books

My spirits rise as I approach the shop with its signature wooden arches. Once inside, I begin my expedition on the right half of the ground level. I land in Denmark and then move to Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, France and Spain respectively. My progression to Italy and Greece takes me to the left side of the room. Once I have had my fill of the Continent, I ascend the winding steps to the gallery. Books on England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland are available on the shelves that line the upper tier. After spending ample time in 18th, 19th, and 20th century London, I descend the winding steps to the ground floor. I am confronted with a second set of stairs that lead to the basement, where books on America are kept; I am homesick. I search for an empty chair, survey the books I have acquired, and read until teatime.
 photo 8e20ab1e-6c90-491e-933c-1fe1724efd78_zps68625d35.jpg

19 May 2014

Above the Thames

The view above the Thames from the plane is miraculous. If coming from the east, you will wind along the river in pursuit of Heathrow. Please note, you may not have the window seat. Do try not to be terribly akward when stretching your neck to see Westminster out the window. Furthermore, the view of the Thames from an aircraft and the view of the River from a capsule on the London Eye are not the same. I don't know why I thought they would be. Perhaps I've watched the dragon flight scene from HPDH: Part 2 too many times.
 photo 9a0a528a-637d-4793-8242-3a1bb0505160_zps525fb18f.jpg

12 May 2014

Vacating Venezia

I found myself above Laguna Veneta with a view of Venezia and the Adriatic Sea. The blues and greens mixed miraculously like watercolor. The vision transitioned into a view of the snow-covered Alps. The stillness and silence of the mountains rooted me in the sky and I did not want to ever descend.  photo d6402aa3-67ac-4f84-9f06-58e69f221ddb_zpsf2c63fd9.jpg

07 May 2014

Open Water

There is water everywhere - no cars or vespas - just boats to navigate the canals, Laguna Veneta and Adriatic Sea. Venezia brings new meaning to the term "coastal living." When in the City of Water, you are under obligation to wear stripes everyday and I don't mean shirts from the commercialized kiosks in Piazza San Marco. You must eat from the sea and capture the essence of the city with you camera, pencil, pen or paintbrush à la Canaletto. 
 photo a84f5d26-00b0-458f-b8f3-27775ec55565_zps3baff46d.jpg

06 May 2014

Top Knot in Venice

 photo 82083d0d-8101-4b5e-8bf1-4be382e067f6_zps84328e68.jpg

05 May 2014

Superga in Firenze

Walking is the mode of transport when in Florence. I wouldn't be caught without the People's Shoe of Italy to traverse the terrain. My Superga trainers climbed the 223 steps of the Palazzo Vecchio's Torre Arnolfo and strolled around the Uffizi. This navy staple has pilgrimaged across the Arno to the grave of Carlo Lorenzini at San Miniato al Monte, and to the graves of Michelangelo, Machiavelli, Galileo, and Matas at Basilica di Santa Croce. After spending extensive time under the Tuscan sun, I was especially elated to wear them to dinner. They are stylish even when covered in dirt.  
 photo 2ae66300-4f5e-4288-910e-938af12aba0d_zpsc8eb09c1.jpg


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