30 April 2014

The View of Firenze

No one will carry you and there is no lift. You must take the stairs. Only after reaching the top will you be rewarded with water and a spectacular view of Florence. A room with a view of the Arno is pleasant but it is worth putting in effort to see the city from above. Perhaps if Miss Honeychurch and Miss Bartlett had realized this, they would have been indifferent about their view of the courtyard at the Pension Bertolini.  
 photo 5e132302-be55-432e-b1dd-fdf289b0be50_zps48ccdb24.jpg

29 April 2014

In Search of Carlo Lorenzini

 photo 7ea65cf2-c2d9-4c03-a04f-46f11de424ae_zpsa5f685d4.jpg
Leaving San Miniato al Monte, Firenze

28 April 2014

Santa Croce

 photo a6757633-4d1f-49eb-bd3e-d8eb1b48b81b_zpsf07d4aad.jpg
In the courtyard of the Basilica di Santa Croce


23 April 2014

Castle on the Tiber

 photo 416c6641-73d7-4ffa-aa51-eb2f65b50567_zps7f5f1763-1.jpg
Spinning at Castel Sant'Angelo

22 April 2014

Via Margutta, 51

 photo 39ce6322-36af-44f3-b711-8892698fb63b_zps653bbe46-1.jpg


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