27 February 2014

Raising the Curtain

Tonight we raised the curtain on the Royal Ballet's Sleeping Beauty. Each time we gather in the Opera House, I am filled with anticipation pre-show when everyone is engaged in conversation. When my neighbor on the left asked of my ballet and opera history, I disclosed my partiality to the Royal Opera House as a venue. We agreed that these assemblies were "great fun," livening up the middle of week. 
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18 February 2014

Waiting for Spring

Since watching To Catch a Thief (1955), I have constantly been thinking of spring. Frances Stevens' A-lines and pastel palette are well-suited for adventures of Mediterranean nature. Until the arrival of warmer weather, the trench should be kept close. 
Audrey Waits for Spring

13 February 2014

Saint James Souvenir

Saint James and I have been spending a bit of time together since my successful excursion to 44 Rue Cler. I wear Galathée at least two days out of the week. She fits like a dream, compliments every piece of clothing, and is endowed with perfectly spaced stripes. She is irresistible. 
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10 February 2014

Postcard Politics

Grandmommy never failed to send me postcards when away. The love that radiated from those rectangular pieces of paper was enough to fill me until her return. I consider the postcard the only appropriate means of extending my affection across a body of water. Taking time out of my tour schedule to put pen to paper is magical, as it means I have not lost sight of what is really important in life. 

The people on my postcard list are phenomenal. They are honest, trustworthy, witty and animate. They are blessings and their company is wondrous. I carefully match each friend with his/her intended card, bearing images befitting to individual personality.

I purchase contemporary postcards from places of historical and cultural significance. Selecting postcards from shops at the British Museum, Historic Royal Palaces, Household Calvary Museum or National Gallery is an afternoon well spent. The search for vintage postcards in antique shops is absolutely a hunt. Thus far, I have acquired four worn by time.

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07 February 2014

The Walk

As weather in London is mild, the walk should be taken daily. One does not have a valid excuse to delete it from one's schedule unless one falls ill. Furthermore, British brands readily provide essential products useful for enjoying the British weather. I consider Barbour and Hunter daily armor.
 photo e2076f7d-db37-44a7-9d1a-70ab81c359b3_zpsa28b6889.jpg


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