27 January 2014

Thoughts of Paris

The preconceived notions we had held about Gare du Nord were not realized as we disembarked the Eurostar in Paris. Thus our plan to do away with expectations was reestablished. Our first trip to Paris filled us with every emotion we had. Joy, love, contentment, anger, disappointment, shock, sadness, and frustration were all parts of our emotional spectrum as we journeyed through the dim and the bright crevices of the City of Lights.  

The Bright:
  1. Our quintessentially Parisian flat complete with white chair cushions, textured walls, balcony and rustic hardwood floors. The perfect hideaway from tourists.
  2. The divine Napoleonic Apartments at the Musée du Louvre.
  3. Macaroons from La Maison Ladurée are the best in this city. Macaroons from the New York and London locations do not compare.
  4. Our obligatory dinner cruise down the Seine on the comfortable Calife.
  5. Eating french fries. Eating food in general.
  6. Delicious GrandLait frais entier.
  7. The view we enjoyed of Paris after climbing the Arc de triomphe was unparraled and the wait in the queue was not horrendous.
  8. Our successful conversations with les Parisiens over our supposed language barrier was marked by merriment and mutual adoration.  
  9. Conversing with other Americans while away from America was a special experience characterized by instant camaraderie.   
  10. The expansion of my striped shirt collection via the acquirement of two Saint James Galathée tees.
  11. The glittering tour Eiffel.
The Dim: 
  1. The ill-mannered tourists in Paris behave as if they have been raised in captivity and have suddenly been released into society. They diminish everything they touch. We had to fight them off rather aggressively.
  2. We battled the gypsies who attempted to pick our pockets.
  3. We also fought the men who sell miniature tour Eiffel figurines throughout the city.
  4. The queue for the ascent to the real tour Eiffel was heinous.  
  5. Repeatedly paying 7 euros for a bottle of Evian was a bit unsettling.
  6. The snobby sales woman at Saint James Rue Cler.
Beyonce's ***Flawless played on the iPod as the train emerged from the Chunnel into Britain. I  had never been happier to go home to London.
 photo 19ce3065-940f-4076-99ac-f822d578da64_zps8435cb4a.jpg

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