11 January 2014

The Reign

Step 1. Select your tiara. I favor pearls.

Step 2. Keep your chin up and shoulders back. The face, not the forehead, of the wearer should appear to be carrying the tiara.

Step 3. Relax your mind and your face. Your tiara is added weight, but you are magnificent and can carry it.

Step 4. Protect your glittering headwear. Do not willingly lead yourself into compromising situations. Venturing about London at 12 AM by yourself is not acceptable, nor wise.

Step 5. Despite efforts to protect your tiara, you will meet jealous individuals who will attempt to steal it. Upon which you will have to put Churchill's words into practice, telling them "to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip."

Step 6. Jealousy is a vicious beast and may not be tamed on the first attempt. When a jealous individual attacks you for the second time, you will need to tell him to bow down. Your enemy will be put in his place straightaway.

Step 7. Remove your tiara before bed. Fill your head with dreams.
 photo 55af8ff7-538d-4595-a1b2-6f0678914f81_zpsd76dfb0b.jpg

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