09 December 2013

Royal Academy Till

It is customary to conclude my exhibit visits with the purchase of corresponding postcards. Thus, after taking in Daumier (1808-1879): Visions of Paris at the Royal Academy, I took advantage of the opportunity to select a perfectly pocket sized Daumier print. I elected my favorite lithograph, Nadar, élevant la photographie à la hauteur de l'Art. In this 1862 work, Daumier depicts Nadar, the first aerial photographer, in a hot air balloon, whimsically capturing Paris from above. The subject's windswept hair, disregard for his unstable top hat and bellowing coat-tails convey the photographer's enjoyment of his craft.

I decided two postcards bearing this image where necessary. One to remind myself of the importance of enjoyment in the workplace and one to send that vital message to a friend. Dreaming of ballooning above Paris, I approached the till. "There is a five pound minimum," said the cashier, shattering my vision. I withdrew my bank card. S. kindly lent me £1.40. My adoration of Daumier's satire of the 19th century "photography as art" debate continued.
 photo 8ab24e49-4574-43d3-867c-d8679c1320dc_zps25219017.jpg

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