27 December 2013

Crossing Kensington

 photo 531d3aa8-9e81-487f-8e35-00dfc2be052b_zpsba2613e4.jpg

18 December 2013

The Getting of Grit

The acquisition of grit, strength of character, was a crucial aspect of my upbringing. I was raised to be an independent thinker. Naturally, there were moments when I desired to be merely one in a crowd. That route, the one more traveled, seemed easier. But indifference for others' opinions of me shattered any chance I had of being in the majority.

I form my own opinions without any regard for political correctness. I argue using evidence to support my claims. If I were a politician, you would never see my stance sway. Lukewarm, I am not.

I do not understand how one expects to have the courage of one's convictions, if one does not have any convictions. "It's not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are," said Roy Disney. Making a decision and seeing it through with perseverance stems from strong character.

Like the foundation of a building, grit is so significant to success. 

17 December 2013

Trainer Days

I have been enjoying my fair share of trainer days due to an increase in weekly standing hours. I build my ensemble around the retro, low profile New Balance 420. The crossing of Kensington Gardens is a walk on air.
Trainer Day


11 December 2013

Make A Life

Making a life gets pushed to the back burner when one is so busy making a living. I know the feeling. For me, it resulted from the execution of unpleasant work, void of breaks and culminated in lack of enthusiasm for dressing suitably. I have no desire to ever return to that overworked, anxious state of mind. Instead, I will be spontaneously this holiday season.

Kick Your Heels Up


09 December 2013

Royal Academy Till

It is customary to conclude my exhibit visits with the purchase of corresponding postcards. Thus, after taking in Daumier (1808-1879): Visions of Paris at the Royal Academy, I took advantage of the opportunity to select a perfectly pocket sized Daumier print. I elected my favorite lithograph, Nadar, élevant la photographie à la hauteur de l'Art. In this 1862 work, Daumier depicts Nadar, the first aerial photographer, in a hot air balloon, whimsically capturing Paris from above. The subject's windswept hair, disregard for his unstable top hat and bellowing coat-tails convey the photographer's enjoyment of his craft.

I decided two postcards bearing this image where necessary. One to remind myself of the importance of enjoyment in the workplace and one to send that vital message to a friend. Dreaming of ballooning above Paris, I approached the till. "There is a five pound minimum," said the cashier, shattering my vision. I withdrew my bank card. S. kindly lent me £1.40. My adoration of Daumier's satire of the 19th century "photography as art" debate continued.
 photo 8ab24e49-4574-43d3-867c-d8679c1320dc_zps25219017.jpg

05 December 2013

Notebook and Pen

I set out in search of pizza. I held notebook in my left hand and pen in my right. As I rounded the corner, I thought how typical it was for my accessories of the moment to be writing related. I smiled at the perfection of it all. I have always been that girl with her notebook and pen.
 photo 8da436e7-b701-4f74-97bf-691b60c11631_zps37527611.jpg


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