25 November 2013

Signature Scent

The search for a signature scent is taxing. The French, Diptyque, was the first brand I investigated if only to see their photogenic candles in person. Liberty and John Lewis played hosts to my French fragrance hunt.  On both smelling sprees, Eau Duelle emerged as my favorite. With other options to pursue, I pressed on, this time to the British brand, Jo Malone.

The assistance I received at the Jo Malone boutique was unparalleled. I met every single scent in just about every single form (perfume, eau de toilette, candle, room fragrance) but was not captured by any of them. However, Lime Basil and Mandarin did raise an eyebrow of interest. The possibility of making a custom scent by layering more than one looked grim. I could not decide on one scent, let alone two. My nose could not bear to extend the smelling session and I planned to revisit this raved about brand in the distant future.

Back to the French I went, in the form of Chanel. I owed Coco a chance to sway me. It was a brief confrontation. Nothing she had to offer was slightly impressive; not Number 5 , Number 19, or Chance, did I give a chance.

Dior swooped in for an opportunity to impress and Christian did not disappoint. I approached the Dior boutique. Miss Dior and I had already gotten fairly acquainted via Autumn 2013 advertisements featuring Natalie Portman in a black dress. At our actual meeting, I was swept into the perfect dream that only perfume can induce. I insisted on meeting J'adore and Addict for protocol's sake, only to leave with Miss Dior. We are spending every day together. Only if I purchase more when her 30 ounces are up will she be cemented as a signature scent. Time will tell. 
 photo 4ab39718-69d1-4b65-aa17-14ee0309c500_zps174bb52c.jpg


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