21 November 2013

How to Be Type B (Particularly for the Type A Variety)

1. Spend less time being impatient.
2. Be whimsical - do things on a whim.
3. Do not work seven days a week.
4. Go to sleep at a decent time and minimize unnecessary moments of worry.
5. Rise early to seize the stillness of morning, not to check the same email inbox you looked at eight hours ago.
6. Spend lunch break away from workplace.
7. Turn off the Internet.
8. Make home a castle and spend time there.
9. Reflect on the day and be thankful for it.
10. Read a book for pure enjoyment.
11. Drink water when thirsty, not after completing several "imperative" endeavors.
Acknowledge growth. 
13. Consider what is happening now to be most important.
14. Do not anxiously anticipate opportunities in the future, while unaware of the one taking 

      place at this very moment. They are actually called blessings and are limitless.
15. Celebrate small achievements with a macaroon or truffle.
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