04 October 2013

Reflections on Day Five

I have been in London for five days and have not seen anything.

The vacuum cleaner is called the hoover. It has a face and its name is Henry. He does not clean well.

Vehicles will not readily yield to pedestrians. Since I am not yet fully confident when crossing the street when it is my turn, this has been problematic. I am however getting used to looking the correct way for oncoming traffic.

A salesperson will not readily assist you. You must ask for help when needed. The United Kingdom is a country of negative politeness.

Curtains and cotton bedding at John Lewis were well worth the price. I did not know people actually bought polycotton sheets. 

The flat sheet, fitted sheet and pillowcase are all sold separately. I have yet to see them sold together in one pack - "it's like à la carte but without food," jokes best friend.

There is a music room, TV room, laundry room, computer room, study room and bar. There is not a fitness center.

There is no wine at the bar? That's the only thing I drink.

It took four days to find a Brita.

"They gave you four burners and a microwave?" asks Mommy. 
"No," I say. " They gave me two burners and a microwave."
"I guess they want you to use the microwave instead of an oven. I guess that's why they call it a microwave oven."

The light and the light switch may not be located in the same room.

The Underground is actually way under ground. The deepest station in central London is Bank at 41.4 metres (136ft) below street level.

Floor 1 is a floor above the ground floor.

White seedless grapes from M&S = perfection. I ate a whole container of them in one day.

I have been to Nando's twice in 5 days.

A party can actually be lame, in which case it is perfectly alright to leave. Fergie says, "a little party never killed nobody." But a lame one certainly has a drowning effect. 

I need a pair of Chelsea boots. Everyone else has them.

The women here really know how to work the black tight.

1 USD = 1.77 GBP

7 pounds tip is too much for a 19 pounds taxi trip. 

Taxis should be used only if absolutely necessary. The Transport for London is fantastic.

"The Oyster card? I really want some oyster crackers," I thought while at Gloucester Road.

Settling in a new city takes time. I will keep calm, and carry on.


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