05 September 2013

Lessons from the Workplace

No one could have prepared me for the nonsense that ensues in the workplace. Having a job has drawn my attention to the fabricated nature of outward appearance.

A manager may be handsome but lack leadership ability. Owners of a company may pride themselves on an open door management style but resist all suggestions for improvement. An employee may execute her job to the fullest of her ability but still become the victim of sabotage while management turns a blind eye.

In a climate where promotions are given to people who abuse authority due to personal insecurities, it is necessary that I declare my limits.

I will not unreasonably flatter someone with the purpose of inching my way into his good graces. I do not show up to the office to pretend that I am still in high school. Acquiring fast, fake friends is not my objective.

I will not complete tasks clearly designated to someone else. In every workplace there exist an employee who reckons his work is beneath him and attempts to pawn off his work on the one employee ignorant enough to accept it.

I will not be spoken to or treated in a condescending manner. This stifles any opportunity for honest communication.

Management's acceptance of my fundamental principles secures our professional bond until I discover mutual respect was feigned on the leadership's side. Disorder sets in when management is exposed for deviating from its existence as an unbiased independent body. When the leader becomes a puppet persuaded heavily by employee(s) who do not hold any management responsibilities and when rewards and recognition are based on favoritism and not work ability, it is impossible for me to salvage anything positive from the wreckage that was once my job.

When all of my principles are breached and I am treated with disdain, thought of as lazy for attending to my assigned tasks only and looked at as insignificant for not exhibiting obsequious behavior, it is time for me to resign and count down to greater things.


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