09 July 2013

City Summer Black

The New York Girl does not labor over her look but chooses her outfit with purpose. Since a New York minute is shorter than a minute elsewhere, the NYC Girl must be extraordinarily efficient with her 24 hours. There is no time for reneging on first, second and third ensembles while the day is waiting to be seized.
No matter where she ventures in Manhattan, no one will question her decision to wear black, even in 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The little black dress is a summer staple in The City and perfect for play in the 10021, 10022, and the 10128. 
Minimal makeup and nail polish are her only necessary accessories. Footwear options are unlimited, like the number of sustenance-selling establishments for which she stays ready.
 photo 4ab3be31-79e6-4071-948f-968e52c5982b_zpse6625b6f.jpg

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