27 June 2013

The Always Appropriate Ten

A cup of tea is always appropriate. One is entitled to tea breaks. Period.

Of all cosmetics, mascara is the most fun to apply. It also boasts the quickest application time besides lip gloss.

A spritz of perfume or body spray is always becoming. A signature scent or perhaps two or three is highly encouraged. One should bear in mind the goal is not to overpower. This is not a war. 

It is impossible to regret a bit of reading, unless the book of choice is L.W.'s Chasing Harry Winston (pretty on the outside, rubbish on the inside).

One should always take an extra step. Climb stairs instead of utilizing the lift. Volunteer to pick up the office lunch instead of requesting delivery. Travel on foot as much as one's allotted time, attire and footwear allow.

A conversation with a loved one is always opportune, especially on emotionally fatiguing days.

When offered water, one should always accept, unless the lavatory is an abnormally far distance or the water is offered by a shady individual under shady circumstances.

A look in the mirror reminds one of who one must live with. Improvements (and I do not mean those that take place under the knife) can not be made if one does not assess. Besides one must gage the success of one's outfit so as not to repeat dreadful wardrobe pairings.

One must have a favorite song. Therefore one should listen to it whenever one feels inclined, unless said song happens to be the work of the low-rent rapper set. Disclaimer: One's favorite song should be not be played to the general public from one's cell phone.

One should make use of one's please and thank you. Even if one was not raised right, one does not have to announce one's bad upbringing.

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