09 April 2013

Implicit Memory

The building of implicit memory is exhausting. Grasping a new task is difficult but every time one performs the task in question, it becomes a bit easier each instance. Procedural memory by definition is built by repeating a procedure. Recalling the process by which one learned tasks in the past can serve as evidence that new tasks will be firmly comprehended with practice. Nonetheless it may be extremely difficult to envision oneself effortlessly performing the new task at hand due to silly, literal belief in the “seeing is believing” idiom. In the words of Martha Graham, “Practice means to perform, over and over again in the face of all obstacles…” It is the enemy of self-doubt that has the power to divert one’s path off the road of progress. One must persevere with a little faith tucked away in one’s pocket. Eventually one learns to soar.  photo a710afce-b0fc-4569-af05-234903693851_zpsbf4d354e.jpgM.J.W.

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