20 March 2013

Rain New York

In New York City rain does not suffice as justification for an insufficient outfit. When in The City, one should allow oneself to be inspired by the relentlessness embodied in the souls of New Yorkers. One should rise above the precipitation for the opening of the skies is merely a drizzle to the resilient city dweller. One does not put off the wearing of Versace due to rain. Like events held in Bryant Park, the show (or the displaying of one’s A-line skirt) must go on.

Precipitation rarely brings sporting events to a halt. Likewise wet weather should not halt the silent display of one's fabulousness. "I want to wear it but its raining" should stop at "I want to wear it." Styling plans one has for oneself should be followed through during rain time. Hunter wellies, monogrammed canvas tote, compact umbrella and trench coat serve as smart armor during downpour.

Once the journey has concluded with one's arrival on dry land (The Met, Sarabeth's, Sotheby's), wellies may inconspicuously give way to pumps, umbrella and trench hung to dry, and delightful smile surfaced at one's triumph over the elements.

Rain New York City


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