06 November 2012

Valuable Vote

"Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting." 
- Franklin D. Roosevelt

Enfranchisement does not arrive on one’s doorstep devoid of costs. A vote, like freedom, is fought for and died for. It is an opportunity to which all are entitled but many still do not enjoy. A vote is a powerful force as it belongs solely to the voter. Election season is a time for each citizen to decide which candidate will execute a given political role in the best interest of the people. It is a span in which the people acquaint themselves with candidates of opposite political parties, seldom in an intimate setting such as dinner or embrace. Thus in order for the responsible voter to arrive at a firm decision regarding the assignment of his precious vote, he must familiarize himself with the candidates’ stance on political issues. Unedited televised sessions of debate and legitimate interviews that pose relative questions to candidates are excellent windows into a nominee’s plan to govern. Commentary originating from a candidate’s neighborhood garbage man or interviews conducted by leading woman on daytime television do not fall into the legitimate category. The art of persuasion during election season a.k.a. wartime may become desperate, which is why the responsible voter is educated and seeks both sides of every story.  Ultimately the responsible voter decides firmly on a candidate. He does not passively sit on the sidelines undecided or ashamed of his choice because the candidate does not fall into his registered political party or racial background. The responsible voter is willing to stand behind his vote and looks polished while doing it. He is dressed unapologetically sharp, prepared to answer inquiries on topics such as the national debt with poise, elegance and without a teleprompter. The educated voter is not phased by slogans such as “I’ve got his back” but selects his candidate according to a nominee’s intention to uphold a given constitution.


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