24 November 2012

Le vendredi avant le Bal

Extraordinary affairs we have the pleasure to enjoy in life would not be phenomenal without the intense act of event planning. The groundwork that precedes a lavish function is time consuming. Those whose daily lives are governed by a planner of the Smythson nature are more likely to forget that these pre-soirée moments should be savored.  A close friend should be present at all dress fittings, especially if the fittings take place in Paris. Hotel room(s) reserved for ball weekend should be arranged a year in advance for it is impossible to function while displaced. The ball-goer should be deeply fond of her soirée weekend wardrobe, which should included at least two appropriate outfits for dining. The hotel is one's home for the weekend. Raise a glass of Chardonnay in all of its dining rooms. Pen postcards and proceed with daily writings while luxuriating in the lounge's wing chairs. Several visits to the hotel boutique are encouraged but generally the act of shopping should be kept to a minimum so as not to diminish the memory-making essence of ball weekend. The day cannot be seized from the fitting room.
Le vendredi avant le Bal

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