18 July 2012


In Hitchcock’s Rear Window, when Lisa Carol Fremont (played by Grace Kelly) spends the night with L.B. “Jeff” Jefferies (James Stewart) to sort out a mysterious neighbor, she presents her Mark Cross Overnight Case as proof that she is capable of traveling light. Looks like you packed in a hurry. Look at this. Isn't that amazing?” Jeff concludes upon observing the case's minimal contents. While the day Fremont spends with Jefferies may not have been a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, her packing style is exemplary of weekending preparation. Unless you are attending a formal event, packing for the weekend should not be a monumental task. The weekend by definition should be effortless and never deprived of its simple essence.

You are eager on Casual Friday, the ceremonious beginning of the mini-retreat you have well earned. You loathe rap (I refuse to call it music) spilling out of city car windows and yearn for your grandfather’s wrap around porch in the country. Anticipation for your departure from the bustle is amplified. Work has not ended but you are not quite sipping martinis while sailing on Blue Martini. Your goal is to get out of the city as soon as possible and with great swiftness. You hope the bus/train/plane/cab is not a second late and that traffic by some miracle is not thick. When you unite with your loved ones, you sink into an atmosphere of familiarity and after five minutes feel you have been with them five months.

Uncomplicated Saturday calls for a late start. You sleep in and when your inaudible internal clock wakes you, it is time to descend the arched staircase and hasten into the kitchen to make your favorite meal grand petit déjeuner with your favorite people. On this last day of the weekly calendar you have unlimited options for passing time. You refrain from using city gadgets (MacBook, iPhone, iPad, kindle) as you would much prefer to play Scattergories on the wrap-around porch and read books with actual pages. Spending time by the accessible water’s edge is an obligation.

Excursion Sunday you realize you have to work the next day, so you feel obliged to soak up the remainder of the weekend by rising early at the sound of your (this time) audible clock. You mentally prepare for returning to the hustle of the city which, determined to prolong your weekending, you decide should take place on Monday morning instead of Sunday night. In the meantime, you put on your Sunday clothes, à la elegant Dolly Levi and take a short drive or bicycle ride somewhere to connect with any type of civilization. The evening is spent on the grand white porch.




  1. Beautiful! Once again, you've put together such a beautiful and yet playful post!

    I love the his and hers ensembles; and the thought of hitting the countryside and the water is making me miss my own vacation!

  2. Fantastic post! I love the construct. This was fun to read, not to mention useful!

    And way to namedrop Lisa in Rear Window! I've been trying to approximate that overnight case for my entire adult life.

  3. thanks so much for sharing this! Really cool post, I adore your blog!


  4. I love these!

    xoxo Sootjeelina

  5. Great moodboard, love the outfits and the scenery pics that go with them :)

  6. "rear window" is one of my absolute favorites; that bygone style and sense of suspense and thrill. i love hitchcock.

    enjoyed reading this immensely! i travel and flee for weekend retreats often, yet, still, sometimes i pack adeptly and often i do not. sigh, the frenetic mind!


  7. ti seguo e spero ricambierai...



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