19 June 2012

Shrewd Cube

My attempt at traveling light during festivities this past winter opened my mind to the sensible idea of carrying a small bag. Convinced of the need to tote around numerous necessary possessions, I shied away from bringing bags that did not resemble a bottomless pit out before 5 pm. But as I mature each day as a person so does my style sagacity. I am learning that I do not always have to bring everything with me. Archie Grand notebook can be replaced with a single sheet of paper for doodling purposes. The size of water bottle can be downsized as well as highly-coordinated water-drinking schedules made. SLR can be left at home – not every instance in life should be blog-worthy. No one other than Atlas should constantly bear heavy loads on his shoulders. Handbags in the shape of rectangular prisms usher me into a phase in which I travel with only the bare necessities during the day (when possible). Furthermore they have in a subliminal manner cut down on my shopping since it is impossible to fit any type of purchase within it.


  1. I love the bag! I used to carry around a lot more than I do now, but I find that smartphones can replace so many things.


  2. What a gorgeous, structured bag! I'm loving it in the color oasis green.
    And your photography is stunning, as usual.

  3. Nice bag!



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