25 June 2012

Monochromatic Moment

Pairing separates of the same hue/tone for a monochromatic look is bold and when executed correctly is one of the most advanced styling tactics I have ever seen. I am not refereeing to monochromatic as in I wore black to a funeral or I wore white to my wedding. Vivid hues are beckoning. Embrace them. If you feel overpowered break up your top and bottom with a belt of a different color such as black. If you can’t handle matching your footwear with your outfit, you may opt for a shoe in a neutral hue. Simplify your accessories to the necessary watch but if you are feeling bold, match your watch band to your ensemble.

21 June 2012

Progress to Pemberley

Upon reading Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, protagonist Mrs. Elizabeth Darcy (née Bennett) hastily became my favorite character. Her reasonability coupled with her independent nature set her apart from average women. Thus adjusted to the twenty-first century, I imagined her wardrobe prior to her marriage to Fitzwilliam as very practical consisting of key pieces in neutral colors such as black, white, navy, grey and khaki. Mrs. Darcy welcomes rapidly occurring changes such as the gaining of sister-in-law Georgina, responsibilities befitting mistress of an estate, and perhaps even university coursework (relevant to 2012). To reflect her life’s enhancements, Elizabeth’s reliable wardrobe should be updated to transition between hosting guests at Pemberley, schooling and leisure in London and weekends at Netherfield with also-recently-married sister Jane. Elizabeth does not strike me as the type of woman who follows trends or even keeps them in her minds eye but she would look for pieces to spice up the classics she already possesses as well as 
welcome new staples.

Progress to Pemberley


19 June 2012

Shrewd Cube

My attempt at traveling light during festivities this past winter opened my mind to the sensible idea of carrying a small bag. Convinced of the need to tote around numerous necessary possessions, I shied away from bringing bags that did not resemble a bottomless pit out before 5 pm. But as I mature each day as a person so does my style sagacity. I am learning that I do not always have to bring everything with me. Archie Grand notebook can be replaced with a single sheet of paper for doodling purposes. The size of water bottle can be downsized as well as highly-coordinated water-drinking schedules made. SLR can be left at home – not every instance in life should be blog-worthy. No one other than Atlas should constantly bear heavy loads on his shoulders. Handbags in the shape of rectangular prisms usher me into a phase in which I travel with only the bare necessities during the day (when possible). Furthermore they have in a subliminal manner cut down on my shopping since it is impossible to fit any type of purchase within it.

13 June 2012

The Sleeveless Silk Top

The sleeveless silk top has come to my rescue plenty of I don’t have anything to wear moments. While I am not opposed to silk tops with sleeves, I prefer them short or nonexistent, which accounts for my overlooking them in a line of sleeved tops during the dressing rush. Once recovered, they are pushed to the most visible part of my wardrobe and donned under open cardigans and blazers. Also worn solo, the sleeveless silk blouse is a fashionable force, often the missing link in an incomplete outfit.
Walls should not be bare but rather an inspirational board updated throughout life. 



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