02 May 2012

Matching Thread

When sewing up a hole in a sweater or reinforcing closed pockets on a pair of pants, make sure you match the thread with the color of the fabric you are sewing. Although my common sense easily caused me to arrive at this conclusion, I did not heed. Instead I proceeded to repair a tear in a navy and white striped shirt, beginning on a navy stripe with thread of the same color through my needle. When my sewing line approached the white stripe, I continued to stitch without switching my thread to white. The repair site was located at the bottom of my thermal shirt and I thought my hurried needlework would go unnoticed. I was wrong. It appears as though a fly has come to rest on my hip, diminishing the meaning of the word repair. Like the application of lipstick, sewing should not be rushed. So I slowed my speed and used matching thread when closing a small hole in an adorable citron sweater.

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