25 May 2012

An Education

Sixteen-year-old Jenny Mellor played by Carey Mulligan in Lone Scherfig's An Education hopes to be accepted at Oxford University to read English. It is 1961 when her path crosses with that of David Goldman (played by Peter Sarsgaard) whose age exceeds her own by 14+ years. The older company she has come to keep causes her to pit the value of her formal education against the value of life experiences. While Mellor has a natural yearning to learn in the traditional sense, a chic culture-infused life in Paris strikes her as more worthwhile. Jenny Mellor is radiant and carries herself like a woman beyond her years. Throughout her pursuit of knowledge, no matter how rocky, she remains resolute in who she is as a person - a girl secure within herself.
An EducationM.J.W.

21 May 2012

The Absence of Jewelry

Diamonds have been praised for their girl’s best friend status. But my best friends are beings (some human and some furry) who could never be replaced especially with objects of material meaning. There are many items which rank higher than hard carbon on my list of favorite things like stripes, vibrant colors and brown paper packages tied up with string. It has been verbalized by several observers that I am not what one would call a "jewelry person".  While I would not go as far as to swap my engagement ring for a state of the art closet like Carrie Bradshaw, I would eagerly accept a walk-in on a less-life-defining occasion.

Minimal does not even begin to describe my meager jewelry collection. My philosophy on necklaces (with the exception of ones fashioned from genuine pearls) is the bigger the better. I don't acquire neck decoration often. On the rare occasion when I add a necklace to my collection it is important that it either makes a statement solo or can be layered with others to give the appearance of a larger piece. When I accessorize beyond the essential Timex watch my neck is what I choose to adorn. On the contrary, simple bracelets usually find themselves in my favor because they can be worn superbly with Mr. Timex and are less likely to catch on something unexpected. 

17 May 2012

The Grosgrain Belt

Do not shy away from the grosgrain belt. This timeless piece was made to be seen. Women, pair them with dresses. If opting for skirts or pants, tuck the front or entirety of your shirt into your bottom so the grosgrain is exposed. Men, a shirt flap tucked into your pants or shorts signals that you pay a little attention to how you look without trying too hard.   
P.S. Currently I am employing grosgrain belts to update my trench.

08 May 2012

05 May 2012

Principal Pencil

It is my suspicion that most women would not think of pairing a pencil skirt with anything other than a high heel. For me, shoes of a flat nature are obvious elements that astutely bring the pencil down to earth, establishing it as an everyday staple.
Principal Pencil


02 May 2012

Tote Everlasting

I declare, the cotton canvas tote is the only bag I can fill with parcels one day, a change of clothes the next and a small pet on emergency veterinarian visits. A good cotton tote adjust to any setting and last a lifetime (but since I have not reached the age of 30, my theory has not yet been tested). 

During times of travel, the tote serves as a carry-on to hold items needed at the ready, such as proof that I am a legitimate citizen of a country and a bit of reading material. The chance that on any given moment my simple bag is filled with a book or two is very high. When I buy or borrow novels, I never acquire just one. Since I refuse to acknowledge the existence of the Kindle, a spacious bag is vital to simultaneously tote around The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and Little Dorrit.

Homemade sandwiches on gluten-free bread and Brita-filtered water are typical provisions found in my tote during commutes and excursions to the farmers market or Trader Joe's. Yes, it is quite acceptable to eat food while en route to buy more food. In my effort to be as green as possible, I often opt out of bagging my newly purchased sustenance in tradition paper or plastic. Instead, Weetabix, plums, salad and granola are placed inside my spacious canvas bag until relocated to designated spots in the kitchen.

Tote has also been used as a portable cushion - lugging around a traditional seat cushion is not an option because of its bulky nature. Also my grandmother would disapproval of my employing her coordinated seat cushions to keep grass stains, hot pavement and sand at bay.

When the temperature reaches ninety degrees, tote turns to beach bag, containing items such as flip flops, bottles of frozen water and magazines (not books - the last time I took a book to the beach it escaped the car at a rest stop and I have not seen it since).

Matching Thread

When sewing up a hole in a sweater or reinforcing closed pockets on a pair of pants, make sure you match the thread with the color of the fabric you are sewing. Although my common sense easily caused me to arrive at this conclusion, I did not heed. Instead I proceeded to repair a tear in a navy and white striped shirt, beginning on a navy stripe with thread of the same color through my needle. When my sewing line approached the white stripe, I continued to stitch without switching my thread to white. The repair site was located at the bottom of my thermal shirt and I thought my hurried needlework would go unnoticed. I was wrong. It appears as though a fly has come to rest on my hip, diminishing the meaning of the word repair. Like the application of lipstick, sewing should not be rushed. So I slowed my speed and used matching thread when closing a small hole in an adorable citron sweater.


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